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Act Now to Let Your State Senators Know Abortion Expansion is Not Good for Women or Children!

Governor Cuomo has included his abortion expansion proposal in his current budget bill, so Catholics around the state are being encouraged to contact their NYS Senators to make sure they do not let this abortion expansion proposal pass in this budget (the State Assembly just passed the abortion expansion bill on its own this week, so the focus is on the State Senate).  Please read over the flyer for more information.  You may also check out these pages of the NYS Catholic Conference website:    (this is the page that the attached flyer directs people to in order to send a message to their State Senator)


The Diocesan Public Policy Committee, now chaired by Fr. Dan Condon, chose abortion expansion as one of the three main issues in its annual legislative agenda. The committee was aware that this issue was likely to come to the forefront in the state legislature again this year as a key issue in Governor Cuomo’s political agenda.  This issue may well come up again in this legislative session (January-June 2018) even if it is defeated now, but defeating it in this budget is a crucial step.


1803 Abortion_Expansion_Flyer Public Policy  – please see attached.

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